At the Hillsboro Classroom, our mission is to provide a setting so that artisans can share their special skills with aspiring artisans who want to learn their crafts.  Basket weaving, pottery, quilting techniques, acrylic painting, knitting, crochet, creative writing, fabric baskets, jewelry making, and flower arranging are but a few of the classes that have been, and will continue to be offered in the Hillsboro Classroom located on 37th St. in Hillsboro, WV.   Please note that some classes, depending on size and special needs of the class, will be offered in the community room of the Hillsboro Library as well as the community room of Oak Grove Presbyterian Church in Hillsboro, located at the corner of Lobelia and Rt. 219.

Classes are small and allow for individual attention for each student in learning their new skill. Each class is designed to give students a solid foundation and time to create a finished project to take home.

All registrations are online by clicking on the class of your choice.