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I don’t know how to paint beginning acrylic class!

Have you ever admired a painting and wished you had some knowledge about how to create that three dimensional illusion?  How did the artist make that water look so real?  Sometimes it’s a question of learning to see with the artist’s eye and that takes technique.  In this class, you will learn a step by step approach to creating a simple landscape.  It’s fun and the teacher is patient and understanding.  This would be an excellent beginner class or a reentry for those who have gotten rusty with their artwork.  Paint a simple landscape with acrylic paints (water soluble

Acrylic paints, canvases, and brushes will be provided by the instructor!  You simply bring your sense of adventure!

Class instructor is Melissa Totten, former owner of Melissa’s Knit and Hobby Shop where she taught many classes including: crochet, knitting, and acrylic painting.  She is an excellent teacher for those who are a little intimidated by approaching a new art form.  Melissa plays piano for her church, enjoys singing and performing with her Hefner family, and can pick and pluck on a banjo, too!  She occasionally helps her dad, Bill Hefner, build guitars in his workshop!